Principles and Practice of Oilfield Sampling

Principles and Practice of Oilfield Sampling is a practical two day workshop designed to build knowledge, experience and confidence in sampling of high pressure liquids and hydrocarbon gas. Delegates shall gain an understanding of the key hazards that may be encountered during sampling and the main control measures required to ensure the safety of the person carrying out the sampling operation and everyone around them.
Interactive classroom based presentations are supported by highly detailed training notes, valuable practical exercises and an opportunity to use purpose designed pressurised oil and gas sampling skids during the practical training elements of the course. A key objective of this workshop is to build knowledge, experience and confidence through hands-on use of sampling equipment typical to that used on many oil and gas production sites or platforms in a controlled environment, where experienced trainers are on hand to demonstrate safe sampling techniques.
This two day training course shall be presented by two highly experienced trainers who share over 35 years’ joint experience of good sampling practice in the field. In addition to theoretical and practical training in good sampling practices, NuLab trainers offer many examples of what not to do, the potential consequences and the lessons that can be gained from these examples, which graphically illustrate how a lack of knowledge and poor or incorrect training can result in unexpected incidents, accidents, loss of life or costly production shutdowns.