About ONT

Oleochem NuLab Training offer a comprehensive range of upstream offshore laboratory training courses to laboratory users in the oil and gas industry. Oleochem NuLab Training was formed in 2021 after Oleochem Project Management Ltd acquired NuLab Ltd to bringing the combined and complementary skills and expertise together to offer all existing and future clients an increased portfolio of services. Under this new comprehensive offering, we continue the training legacy of NuLab Ltd, which began training the offshore oil and gas industry in 2005.
With many years of oilfield experience each, our professional trainers have delivered training courses to well over 3,500 technicians, chemists, engineers, environmental advisors, safety personnel and production operators from locations internationally and through site visits globally. Our team of highly experienced and competent chemists have between 10 – 35 years’ experience in the commissioning, operation and management of onshore and offshore laboratories. Together we can offer an extensive knowledge of analytical testing and best practice, with over 100 years of combined expertise.
The primary objective of Oleochem NuLab Training is to provide in-depth training and competency assessment through the outsourcing of laboratory and process training courses, ranging from an introduction to laboratory operations to safe methods of sampling, laboratory management and a number of modular courses specifically targeted at oil, gas and water analysis. We aim to provide chemists and operations personnel with the specific skills, mentoring and support that they require to deliver a high quality of analytical testing competently and safely.
We can provide in-depth training and competency assessment within our purpose-built Laboratory Training and Competency Assessment centre near Aberdeen which is fully equipped with oil, gas and water testing equipment, typical of that used in the oil and gas industry. Alternatively we can provide worksite training and competency assessment at your own location, onshore or offshore.
Oleochem NuLab Training have been accredited by the Energy Institute (previously Institute of Petroleum) as an approved training provider and our LabSkills training modules have been reviewed by the Energy Institute. We are also corporate members of the ASTM standards organisation.