Train the Trainer (Oil in Water)

Our Oil in Water management support programme was first implemented on board Heather, Thistle and Northern Producer Installations and thereafter the Kittiwake and Magnus platforms.
The Oil in Water Management Support Programme consists of:

  • Provision of Auditable Oil in Water ManagementRecords Folder.
  • Train the Trainer Training and Competency Assessment.
  • Management, review and verification of offshore assessments.
  • Coordination with offshore chemists / Ops Engineer and requests for further evidence where required.
  • Production and issue of training certification in accordance with BEIS.

As an integral part of our Oil in Water Management Support Programme, our Train the Training (TfT) course, a two day intensive training course given to personnel onboard an installation where we have implemented our Oil in Water Management Support Programme.
The clients’ personnel are trained, and competency assessed within our t raining c entre to ensure that they meet our standards and comply with all requirements of the BEIS Methodology in its entirety. They will also be provided with training in how to implement and control our standardised OIW Management System and the administration of BEIS environmental inspections.
On the second day they are trained to deliver comprehensive training to the production o perators using the same programme and training methodology as our in house trainers.
Our Train the Trainer certification is refreshed every 3 years to ensure that standards are maintained and that the latest regulations are complied with.
Contact us to discuss your requirement and for more detailed information about this programme.