Oil on Sand

Oil on Sand is typically combined with our Principles and Practice of Oil in Water Analysis course. Both Oil on Sand and Oil in Water utilise similar methods based upon the TTCE Extraction / IR method.
The determination of oil on sand is vital to ensure acceptable cleaning of the adhered oil has occurred and that any free oil is removed and recovered before disposal overboard.
The removal of oil is essential to protecting the delicate marine environment and to demonstrate compliance local regulations and industry best standards. In the UK, the local regulations are The Offshore Petroleum Activities (Oil Pollution and Control) Regulations 2005, known as OPPC regulations.
As stipulated in “OPPC Guidance Notes” published by BEIS in February 2022 and “Methodology for the sampling and analysis of produced water and other hydrocarbon discharges” published by BEIS in June
2018, the oil content of discharged sand must be below 1% (10,000mg/kg) or as defined with each asset’s individual oil discharge permit.